A proud moment!!


Today marked the end of a remarkable wonderful time for the Healthy Conversations Project.

We celebrated by hosting a BBQ with a celebration cake to mark the success of the project. Approximately 40 people came to show their support and tuck into the delicious food.

The morning commenced with the residents preparing the BBQ while the staff pre-cooked the chicken, fish and ribs. By midday the BBQ was sizzling with a lovely aroma which permeated through the building and the area. The residents, staff and locals came to feast and reflect on how the project has changed them.

Although it was a sad occasion, one must add it was a pleasure to see an array of people congregating together for one last time.

As the lead of the project at the foyer, I must say it was a demanding roll but well worth it. The support from the residents has been great.

I would like to thank all of the staff who contributed in making this project a success

A special thank you to the contributors of this blog and more importantly, the individuals who helped maintain the blog and remained consistent throughout; you have all been wonderful.

Lastly I would like to thank the Foyer Federation for giving us this opportunity to share a positive health message for the young people of Newham. They have really enjoyed it. It may be the end of the project, but not the end of an era!! The tools and information acquired from this journey will hopefully remain a legacy in the hearts of those in involved.

Best Wishes



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