How to look good at the gym on a budget.

So, I every time I decide to go to the gym or go for a run, I stumble on many women sporting the latest brands,  I must admit they look fab in their sports wear.

So it gots me thinking! How can I look equally as good or dare I say better on a budget?  Gone are the days where leatards and tights were the in thing. Its all about colour, tight ass leggings and and the tightest top you can squeeze into while trying to maintain comfortability.

old skool

I started to troll up and down the high streets and search on line and found allot of bargains.


All sports, is a great place for bits and bobs but if you want a bit of colour I suggest you go to primark and H&M the colours and selections are great.


But ladies, your sexy gym waldrobe wont happen overnight, take your time and shop around. Wait for the sales  or look on ebay. Good luck Girls!!

Please see below:-


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