Thank You Foyer Federation!!!

Since getting involved with the Healthy Conversations Project I must admit that I have learned so much and gained a lot of knowledge.

I have learned how to eat healthy and how important food and exercise can improve your moods. I used to eat to cheer myself up, now I eat to fuel my body. I have gone from treating my stomach as a dustbin to feeding it the best foods and drinking plenty of water.

In the early days…. I signed up with Airsports. I worked hard; they got me into the regime of keeping fit, waking up early in the mornings and being committed to being healthy. I miss the energy of the boys and the other residents in the sessions.   I also enjoyed baking and cooking sessions. The health and beauty session was a delight and the regular trips to breakfast club on a Tuesday morning were a good place to have a laugh with residents and staff.

I look at wellness and health on a different level now, I no longer make excuses, I make choices. I know this journey has been difficult but the times I wanted to give up the staff wouldn’t let me. They quickly reminded me of my worth and that I can achieve great things trough commitment.

Many times at home I used to look in the mirror and cry, I used to say to myself “look at you, look at you, you’re a mess” and the truth is, I was a mess!! Now, I look in the mirror and say “ dammmmm you look HOT” LOL I am laughing now, infact I walk around with a permanent grin on my face because I am happy.


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