For all you ladies looking to tone it up for the New Year it’s not too late!

We’ve all been there before, started a new regime and flopped by the beginning of February! It’s not too late to set fit for the summer and remember summer bodies are made in the winter people.


I literally scoured the internet to find a fitness plan that really worked for me and I came across a website called they have a fabulous and free plan available as well as lots of other tips and recipes that will really set you on the right track for the summer. I’ve been following it for 2 weeks and have already noticed a huge difference.


Below are 5 top tips to get you bikini ready and great exercise and recipe to get you started for the full programme please visit


Your Top 5 Tips to Always Be Bikini Ready…

  1. Nutrition is key! This is the most important part of your lifestyle and it’s why we follow the Tone It up Nutrition Plan. What you put in your body affects your mood, energy and lifespan! Working out and staying active is super important too, but your meals need to be Lean, Clean & Green to get the results you want. This means tons of veggies, fresh fruits, lean protein and healthy fats! Say no to processed foods and stick to whole, real nutritious foods as much as you can! Stay consistent and remember it’s what you do most of the time that matters most! Abs are made in the kitchen 🙂


  1. Drink Up! You know the importance of staying hydrated! Water helps speed up your metabolism, keeps you from feeling hungry between meals and even helps your body burn fat! As a bonus, staying hydrated contributes to glowing, beautiful skin!


  1. Make sure you’re getting enough protein! Getting enough lean protein throughout the dayis a must. Women need protein! And don’t worry, it will not bulk you up! It speeds up your metabolism

and balances your blood sugar levels, preventing insulin spikes, which can cause weight gain. Protein is made up of amino acids that your body needs ~ it helps your body build sexy, lean muscle and keeps your nails, skin and hair looking healthy. We love adding Perfect Fit Protein to smoothies, coffee drinks and even using it as flour substitute in baking recipes!


  1. Morning Workouts! This is your Booty Call and we want you to wake up and sweat with us each and every morning! Morning exercise gets your body moving, sweating and geared up to burn calories all day long. The best part is that getting your sweat on first thing in the AM burns a higher percentage of fat than any other time. Most importantly, doing something earlier in the day ensures that nothing comes between you and your health & fitness goals! Set that alarm and get moving! Everyone’s doing it 😉


5.Stay motivated with an accountability buddy! Your healthy lifestyle is supposed to be fun, which is why we want you to find a friend to workout with and share tips with! Want to find someone in your area to connect with? Make a profile on the Tone It Up Online Community! You’ll find a team of amazing women ready to inspire you each and every day!

Want to change your life? Join the Team by becoming a member of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. As a member you’ll receive an in depth breakdown of how to make healthy eating & fitness a lifestyle. It’s easier than you think! It’s all about knowing what to eat and when. You’ll also receive the Beach Babe edition, a member favourite filled with tropical treats and

sweet recipes to remind you of summer all year long. It also includes the 5 Day Slim Down, and the 7 Day Slim Down. It’s time to get lean, toned and confident!!


Plie Jack


Begin in a plie squat, knees in line with your ankles. Sit back as far as you can and quickly

jump up onto your toes into a jack (just like jumping jacks). This is a plyometric move, so

remember to be soft on your feet 🙂

Tones the core, inner & outer thighs and warms up the shoulders try this 30 x

Strawberry pancakes




1 packet Perfect Fit

½ banana, mashed

½ Tbs. Almond milk

¼ cup egg whites

1 tsp. cinnamon

¼ cup strawberries


Mash banana with almond milk. Gradually stir in the other ingredients listed above. Spray your skillet with cooking spray and turn to medium low heat. Slowly and evenly pour the batter into the pan. Cook for 3 to 5

minutes on one side until you see bubble starting to rise to the surface of your pancake. Using a spatula, carefully lift the edge and take a peek. If the underside of your pancake is golden brown, it’s ready to flip. Carefully flip your pancake and cook for another 3 minutes on the other side until both sides are golden brown and the

pancake is cooked through. Remove from heat and top with strawberries. Drizzle with real maple syrup, honey or agave and serve!

 By Kayleigh

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