Use What’s Yours forget The Rest

Don’t let NO ONE take what’s yours.

WHO do they think they are for taking credit?

Latest transactions states that you’re in debt!

YOUR in debit and their in credit?

Never that my friend!  Surely your life’s not a bore.

Creativity is the essence of everyones existence.

You plus jealousy is what they’ll feed on,

NO loss but profit is the drive and persistence. My friend.

Whilst they sit down daily and gossip on

Talking and talking whilst your walking and walking

DONT let these mugs suck out your recognition.

And in time they will realise why you look and feel so different.

Not just Your smell, ways and appearance but, your whole position.

Old, dusty, dirty, long gone, far away birds eye view

your aura and energy shaking theirs, from a long distance boo hoo!


Don’t let their jealousy turn your maturity levels to an infants.

Otherwise what’s yours will be hacked, jacked and you will lack in life

Copy copy COPY ARGH!  you might as well be a photocopying machine

GEESE no individuality but depending on you.


you start to will feel no love bitter instead.

please don’t turn that into revenge cos it ain’t sweet

Well really that depends on you my sweet

this life is a test

of whoever momentarily can do their best.

not with others assets but theirs instead.

Stop glaring at another man wealths.

And focus on yourself.

even if their they are the most interesting, emotional but adventorous books.

Stop reading and start writing your own and put theirs on the shelf.

Bless to everyone and anyone in the struggle. Dont let lifes course pressure you. YOU pressure lifes course instead.

Stay Calm

Priscila Manuel

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