“The New Year is Near” 2015


The new year is near. Have no fear because the new year will make the last one more clear. Don’t let others make your light dim. Making you walk through a dark tunnel full of their sins, finding it hard to see that light at the end. Throwing at you their time, energy and waste of space, for goodness sake, put their rubbish in YOUR bin. And if you go back to see if you can recycle anything. Make sure you recycle things that can get re-used and are clean and the rest is a mess! you want that back please give these advice a rest. And the day that your ready for it again, act upon it and put it to the test.

The new year is near. If you can act like the new year is already hear. Embrace the joys of life. Embrace like a happy man would with his loving wife. Don’t think twice. Just go for it and strive.

The new year is near. Stop thinking about the unlucky times of this year because your making lucky days possible to miss for the next. I don’t want to see you in tears. This year is still counted as “a year” and I fully well know that there were good times to reminisce . Retrieve back those happy days, weeks, months of this year. Picture those treasured moments that made your eyes glisten and heart tingle. Those moments that made you feel brand new, it’s sad that they were only for a few.

The new year is near. Man or woman! This is your cue. This year is becoming a past. And do your best to make better days stretch and last. The future is blank so start drawing on that white piece of paper. You are in control. You are the mastermind of your body, mind and soul. You are the professor of your own time and the new year will help you commit no more crime. Make it happen for next year. Being the master mind of your own mind, time can go slow or move very fast, be easy and create that steady pace . Being extreme is not the type of theme that you want or need for the next year.  Balance your time for the bright new year and make the most of it because the new year is near.

Priscila Manuel

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