Dont Panic…its Christmas!!!

I can’t believe its that time of the year again!   Yes it’s Christmas!!! and once again I have left my Christmas shopping to the last minute. I am not as savvy as it used to be in regards to shopping but what I can say is that the simple things are really affordable and can be purchased just before the big day.


My family don’t expect much from me because I am 22 years old and I work part-time. However, I find that Ebay and ETSY have amazing affordable gifts that I can purchase for my nearest and dearest. I also like Tiger in Stratford, there are so many cute things such as candles and teapots and stocking fillers for children

I also like to visit the Christmas markets with my sister to see what treats we can find. From the markets I like to purchase gift sets with beauty products, scarfs and quirky things like ornaments and jewellery.


This year I got involved in Black Friday, the new craze adopted from the USA , it’s a great time to purchase items with up to 50% discount off selected items, mainly electrical goods. I could t afford anything on that day but it was very interesting to see what discounts were on offer so maybe next year.

The best day for a good deal is Boxing Day. The queues maybe long but it’s worth the wait. There is nothing wrong with getting a cheeky gift for someone the day after Christmas.


Christmas is about giving but remember don’t put yourself under too much pressure if you can’t afford it. Some people spend their last pennies paying out for Christmas and get disappointed when they get nothing in return. In my opinion it’s best to plan ahead, that way you won’t get into any financial difficulties in the new year.

  • Save money at least 6 months before
  • If you see something during the year, buy it and put it aside
  • Set up a budget per person
  •  Remember , don’t panic!!






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