Ab Challenge!

I don’t know about you but its about that time to get my abs!! Summer is vastly approaching again and I know that the best time to train is during the winter months.

I have been working so hard at the gym for three months now so I thought it’s time to concentrate on the area that will make me feel fit and sexy.

I have done allot of research on the best way to get abs, not only do you need dedication and consistency, one has to eat clean!!! By that I mean no refined process foods.

I plan to increase the amount of protein I eat with a small handful of brown rice, vegetables, cous cous or quinoa. I love eggs too so I will have an egg white omelette or scramble eggs for breakfast, yoghurt or fruit for snacks and baked oily fish potatoes for lunch.

Wish me luck!!

This is my target… I use pictures for my fitspiration!! 


The 30 day challenge….

Im pretty sure that my stomach wont look this amazing in 30 days but it is worth a try!






There is so much information on ab challenges on the net so look for one that suits you.


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