Juice Taster Week

Juice Week


At the foyer we are promoting fresh juice week. We will be making a selection of tasty juices made from fruits and vegetables for all the residents to taste and make for themselves. The aim of the juice week is to help residents think about choosing fresh juice rather than buying the juice out of a box from a supermarket. We have already done a Juice taster session through our breakfast club every Tuesday. Residents really like the juices and smoothies that were made using an affordable juicer and the nutribullet.

There are so many different types of juices mixed with fruits and vegetables that taste so refreshing.

Juicing is really good for you. Not only does it contribute to the recommended 5 a day it also cleanses your internal organs gives you clear skin, clear mind and more importantly it gives your digestive system a break.



The best way to save money on buying your fruits and vegetable is to go to the farmers market in your local area.   You will be able to buy your fruits and vegetables in larger quantities at a fraction of the cost. The fruits at the farmers market are also organic and sourced locally which means you will be putting your pounds back into the community.   Another option is to go the local market trader shops where you can buy a bowl of vegetables for £1 especially if you want to buy bananas, avocados and grapes. You can also go to the local supermarkets – some supermarkets have very good offers. At the moment ALDI‘s prices are the best 1KG of carrots cost 59p.

lemonsfruits 1


The best way to store the juices is in glass or plastic bottles. My preference is the Glass bottle because it is free from toxins and I believe the juice lasts for longer. Juices can last up to 3 days if you add lemon to it but its best to consume them within 2 days. Before making your juices, please ensure that you wash all your fruits and vegetables first to wash away the pesticides.

Juice Bottles  - From Ikea



There are so many different juices that you can make, my favourites are:

Carrot, Ginger Apple Beetroot

Apple kale Cucumber Celery lemon Ginger

Beetroot Orange Carrot Ginger

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