Training with Airsports

They arrived 9.00am on a Thursday morning dressed in their training gear ready to put us through our paces. I was soooooo tired from staying up late from the night before, enjoying my peaceful sleep when I was woken up by a loud knock at my door. I was asked to get dressed in my gym clothes to meet the rest of my peers in the training room. I thought “oh boooooy!!”This looks serious!! Nether-the-less I got involved. It was fantastic. It started with warm ups, followed by squats and burpees, then press ups and a few rounds of boxing. The training finished me off!! I really enjoyed it. After the first session I felt empowered and motivated. Funny enough! Myself and the rest of the residents involved in the project didn’t need a wakeup call after that morning. The following week, we were dressed and ready before 9-00am. The routine was great and the boys really looked after us. I can honestly say that the Airsports programme really changed me and my focus on health has now changed. I feel fitter and fabulous; I have more energy these days. I plan to use it wisely by continuing my new training regime and putting the skills they taught me into practice. For more information on Airsports and what they do please see the link below:

#training #keepfit  #healtyconversations  #airsportsuk

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