POSITIVITY, how would you describe what that it is. In my opinion it’s ENERGY. In order to have good health and take care of your well being, first begin with your mentality. What you put out will come back, tenfold.

When you change your mentalitity, your life will eventually start changing in a more positive way. The truth of the matter, energy is never destroyed, it’s only transferred, why not keep your energy positive.

So I’ve began this new transformation of positive thinking in my life and not only is my mental health at its best but so is my general health, I’m much happier and I’m able to help people and inspire which is more than I can ask for, although keeping positive might not always be the easiest thing to do, have your 5 minute moment and let it go, whatever the situation is. The longer you hold on to it, the more it will affect you. For example, yesterday I woke up really happy ready to go back to work after a weeks off, not expecting to get bad news. I was told that I will lose £469 this month, as you can imagine I was absolutely I pissed but I had my moment and let it go, for me I would rather have my sanity than £469 that I will turnover times x 5. It wasn’t easy at first to ride through situations and come out still with that positive mind, but we are all working progress.


try it for yourself and you will see the difference it will have in your life.

Sandro King


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