The New Launch :)

Dedicate and Educate

This is a new blog created by young residents living in FOCUS E15.  Not just for residents but young people too. we do hope that everything we provide in the blog will be helpful information.

Dedicate and Educate Young people (which is the name of the project that residents came up with) is a project that targets young people with  health, personal and social difficulties and those who do not have the possibility to make positive change in their life due to lack of information interest or lack of resources.

One of the major issues we find ourselves is waking up in the morning, maybe going to work then coming back from work feeling really tired, drained and low in energy. By the end of that day you wont have time to cook  and would resort in eating fast foods or anything that is a quicker option.

Lack of patience and preparation in anything in life can leave you feeling good in the moment but to suffer in the long term.

So think wise with your life.

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